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Relocating from New Jersey to California?

Relocating from New Jersey to California?

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California GreetingEvery year, thousands of people travel to California, usually for vacations to Disneyland or to visit the infamous Hollywood Strip. But how would you feel if you could actually live there? Some people don’t even notice the rest of what California has to offer, but most do and that is why this state in particular has become one of the most popular states to relocate to. Whatever the reason for moving to California, California has it for you in abundance. Making the leap to move across the country is fear inducing but California’s warm, inviting charm will put your mind at ease the minute you join the West Coast.

What is it about California?

California is the third largest state in the country and has eight of the most populated cities. Surrounded by Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon, the geography ranges from the Sierra Nevada and the Mojave Desert to the densely packed Douglas fir forests. Of course you can’t forget that Pacific Coast with all the beautiful beaches that people love to visit to relax and spend time with friends and family. The weather is everything you would hope for; sunny with the occasional rain showers that last for only a few minutes at a time, making you feel like it summer is every day. But do not take thCalifornia Laguna Beachis place as a never-ending party; this state means serious business. California is based on technology, real estate services, and numerous businesses that make up over half of the states’ own economy. But with hard work allows for some play. Here you can visit Yosemite National Park, Disneyland, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, SeaWorld and so many other attractions to see.

What is the cost?

Although it has been said that California is one of the more expensive states to live in, one must take into account the other factors that make it so rich. First, the unemployment rates are extremely low due to booming businesses and companies every second that give people an opportunity to make a living. The median home value in California is aboutCalifornia Golden Gate Bridge $400,000, but the actual prices vary by county. With all the different counties and regions, prices will be different; however, whichever direction you go in California, the homes are breathtaking and worth purchasing. The average cost of living ranks around the same amount as the average home value. It is more expensive than NJ, but there are more opportunities waiting for you on the West Coast.

With such a big state come lots of educational facilities. Moving to California means you have numerous options for your children to thrive in an educational setting. Some of these schools might even look different than schools in NJ; having open plans and no roofs, mainly due to its exquisite weather and little rain fall. California has a unique constitutional amendment that requires funding annually from grades K-12 and even community colleges. Their colleges are University of California, California State University that is the largest university in the US, and Stanford University just to mention a few.

Is California Home?

Moving to a new state can make you feel alone or out of place. Moving to California will diminish those feelings once you see the communities amongst the state. Many are homes with families and smiling faces. Remember California’s past with the Gold Rush, immigration was always occurring to live there and flourish. With all the passing years, the cultural diversity in this state is astounding, making it one of the most diversely populated states in the entire country.

Why would you move all the way across the country? First take into account the views anCalifornia Santa Monicad the various attractions to visit. Second, the booming economy with numerous opportunities to work and be genuinely happy with what you do. Did we forget Hollywood is located there for all the aspiring actors and actresses of our time? And finally, moving to California is just the home you have been looking for; the warmth from the neighbors and culturally diverse areas, it won’t take long to get adjusted. This is a state to plant your roots and grow for you and your family alike. With the best colleges in state, your children will have a great education and an exceptional higher educational system. All in all, California is not just a place for vacation, it is a place to come home to.

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