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Buying a Home in Central NJ or the Jersey Shore

Wear Your Night Vision Goggles for a Great Home Buy

Most Home Buyers (first time home buyers or multiple home buyers) as well as home sellers are very emotional and tend to see things as they are not as they can be. I am going to focus this blog on Home Buyers.

The majority of the Home Buyers today will preview or tour the home online first before they actually visit the home.  The online tour will feature the best the home has to offer. The pictures will show (if they are taken and posted correctly) all the best looking rooms and will give you a good sense of what the home has to offer.  The tour and pictures will either eliminate it to see in person or interest you enough to make an appointment to see the home.

However what you do not see (or smell) in the pictures is the other “stuff” the home has or has not that could make you place an offer or leave after a few minutes once inside never giving the home a second thought.

Here is where the night goggles come in.  Once you make and appointment and go visit the home go with an open mind. Some advice I give Home Buyers is if they like the location of the home and the floor plan think about some low cost solutions that can make the home the Dream Home.

Some things to consider:

Paint:  See past what color is painted on the walls.  The walls can be painted any color you would like.  I have heard buyers say “I could not live here with that pink wall” then paint it.  Tour the home, if you like it except for the paint colors ask yourself if I painted this the color I love would I love this home?  Also, if the color is fine but the paint is peeling etc.,  reduce that from the offer to get a better deal.

Flooring: See past the shag carpeting.  The same as above applies.  Ask yourself, what if I get an inexpensive laminate floor would the room look and feel bigger. What if I change the carpet color?  What if a get the carpet shampooed?  If it the flooring is old great, you get to pick the flooring you love and can get a better deal on the home.

Pet or other odors: Is the odor centralized to 1 or 2 rooms and can it be neutralized.  If yes do not rule the home out.  If it is through out the whole house you may ask some experts if the smell could be removed and for how much.  If you can neutralize the smell before you move in you may get a great deal.

Outside Shutters:  If the front of the house looks dated or does not appeal to you how would it look with different color brand new shutters?

So for the Home Buyers out there, when you are looking at a home to purchase do not rule out the little things you can do yourself or with little money to get a great deal on your next home.

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