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Marlboro Homes for Sale Monmouth Real Estate

Marlboro Homes for Sale – Monmouth Real Estate

With an easy commute to New York City and Philadelphia, Marlboro Township has become a sought after region throughout the years. Originally a town composed of potato, tomato and dairy farms with small inns and taverns, Marlboro is the nation’s largest grower of potatoes in addition to its vast tomato industry. Since then, it has expanded in both population and infrastructures; from initially building four or five bedroom houses to constructing larger estates to accommodate the residential expansion. The trend that has been of interest in the area has been of larger sized homes, for the cost of living is 57% above the national average. There was also a recent growth in its commercial businesses, providing the residents with movie theaters, boutiques, and more. In addition to its boasting estates and prospering businesses, it has an extremely low rate of crime, making Marlboro a safe place to live for friends and family alike.

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Marlboro Homes for Sale

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