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Relocating to North Carolina

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Living in North Carolina

Did you know that North Carolina is ranked 3rd on the list of places people choose to move to? They contain one of the highest numbers of inbound moves throughout the country. Why is this so? North Carolina has a lot to offer to people of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. From their thriving metropolitan areas to their rolling hills, this place has enticed many to plant their roots and grow.

North Carolina Beach

North Carolina is the 9th most populous in the United States and its population   increases every year. With 100 counties within this state, there is a place for everyone to call home. Its two largest metropolitan areas, Raleigh and Charlotte, are among the top ten fastest growing in the country. There are three main geographic sections: Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont Region and the Appalachian Mountains. Additionally, there are the Outer Banks, a string of narrow barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and two inland waterways or “sounds”; Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound. These are the two largest landlocked sounds in the United States. The Piedmont region is the most urbanized and populated section.

This area contains numerous mountain ranges such as Sauratown Mountains, Pilot Mountains, and South Mountains. Although there are mountains galore, this specific area has transitioned from an agricultural based community to a more industrially engineered region. The Appalachian region is also a culmination of scenic mountain ranges and rich lands that provide a perfect place to visit with family and friends.

North Carolina Mountains


Interested in a metropolitan area? “The Triangle” consists of these major cities: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and within it resides various museums and the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. Charlotte houses the NFL football team, Carowinds Amusement Park, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the Discovery Place. Have someone in the family with a sweet tooth? The Piedmont area is home to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the Moravian cookies. An internationally recognized North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro inhabits the Piedmont region. The Outer Banks is the ideal place to relax at the beach with family. The tranquil scenery and living environments and quaint towns also provide newly welcomed residents with one of the top places to retire. With all of these options, you can see why so many people choose to call North Carolina their new home and are assured a happy retirement!

Is it worth it to relocate to North Carolina

Moving to a new state could make you feel flustered when figuring out which aspects are detrimental to the move. Even more so, financial expenses are imperative when choosing where to settle. Having such knowledge will allow you to seek out the ideal places to go within your budget. For starters, the cost of living in North Carolina is below the US National Average. This is one reason why it is one of the best places to retire in the US. Specifically, Charlotte is 23 percent below the national housing average and has become one of the most affordable housing markets in the country. The cost of utilities is 14 percent lower than the national average as well. The average salary for someone with less experience will expect around $40,000 a year whereas one with more experience can attain a mean salary of $68,645 a year and could even reach around $82,000 a year! It has been reported that around 48% of new movers came to North Carolina due to their ever booming job market and opportunities. In 2010, North Carolina was chosen as the third best state for business by Forbes and second best state by Chief Executive Officer Magazine.

The median home value in North Carolina is $147,300, making this area affordable for most. If you have a family and are moving out of state with a child, searching for the perfect school district could be as daunting as any other task that comes with relocating. Lucky for you, North Carolina is overflowing with astounding school districts that make people from other states want to come on over. North Carolina ranks among the top four states nationally for state pre-kindergarten quality standards. Smart Start is North Carolina’s award winning childhood initiative designed to ensure children are introduced into their early education school ready and prepared. There is also a North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Program that allows younger students to be given proper and high quality educational experiences to further ensure ones readiness for the years ahead by addressing emotional, social, physical, language and cognitive needs. For older students, there is participation in the National Association of Education Process in which compares the performance of their students to those around the country.

There is the New Schools Project tNorth Carolina Skylinehat awards grants to schools that best prepares their students for the workforce. To sweeten the deal, they have a Career & College Promise program that will allow high school students to obtain a skill set to further increase their abilities to thrive after graduation.

North Carolina Demographic

            The “Old North State” is full of historical events that helped mold it into its vibrant present day location. The U.S Census Bureau estimates of the 9,943,964 residents in North Carolina, 58.5% were born in the state, 33.1% are from out of state and 7.4% were born outside of the country. Languages spoken vary as well with English being the leading language spoken amongst the state with Spanish, French, German and Chinese following in numbers in that order. Communities are diverse and interactive, with some communities smaller than others but still maintaining their “old southern charm”. It is hard to choose where to reside within North Carolina because every town has something great to offer!

Why choose North Carolina

Given the information above, it has become apparent why North Carolina attracts so many new residents! With a desirable job market that is enlarging by the year, home and utility prices lower than the national average, an exemplary educational department throughout each educational level and marvelous lands and terrains for outdoor recreational purposes people utilize daily, one would think of North Carolina as the most appealing area to relocate to. From the Appalachian Mountains to the bustling metropolitan areas of Raleigh or Charlotte and even to the beautiful shores of the Outer Banks, everything is at your fingertips in this opportunistic state.  Relocate to North Carolina and it will show you why you made the best decision for a new move or happy retirement.

Would you like specific info on a particular area of North Carolina? Our team of specialists throughout the United States is available to assist you. If you are considering a move from New Jersey to North Carolina and have questions about NJ exit tax, click here.

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